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The Potato

We all love a good ‘What If’ in history don’t we? Is it true that a British sniper let Corporal Hitler off the hook during World War One? Didn’t Europe almost fall to Islam in the eighth century? Was Kyoto … Continue reading

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Countess Markievicz – The feminist inspiration you’ve never heard of

On Easter Monday wearing her Citizen’s Army uniform and distinct feathered hat, she nervously placed ammunition in her pistol. Her finger slipped over the trigger and a bullet tore through her bedroom door, the noise reverberating through the empty building … Continue reading

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A History of British Immigration

In a week when immigration again hits our front pages, let’s take a look at centuries of immigrants from the Romans to the Roma. Indeed, the name Britannia was dictated to the innocent peoples of these isles by a relatively … Continue reading

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Why England and Scotland joined together – The 1707 Act of Union

In the summer of 1503 the cold, calculating and increasingly paranoid Henry VII sent his daughter Margaret to begin her long and lonely journey to Scotland where she would first meet her husband James Stewart, the king of the Scots. … Continue reading

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The Original Islamic State

A state based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad has been created in the Middle East. Preying on it’s war-torn neighbours who are economically weak, and driven by fervent belief, it has spread at a rapid pace sending shock … Continue reading

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The Peterloo Massacre

The rotten borough of Dunwich gained notoriety in Blackadder the Third when it’s most notable voters were, “a dachshund named Colin and a hen in it’s late forties.” In the early 1800s the borough was practically under the sea and … Continue reading

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The Peasants’ Revolt – 1381

In 1349 an Irish monk named Brother Clynn wrote, “I am waiting among the dead for death to come… and I leave parchment for continuing my work should anyone be alive in the future.” Every other monk in his monastery … Continue reading

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