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Why is Gibraltar British?

Gibraltar has always been important. It guards the entrance to and exit from the Mediterranean. It welcomes guests or blocks invaders to Europe. It is inhospitable and bleak yet provides a comfort to those under it’s shadow. Today it is … Continue reading

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TK Whitaker: Ireland’s Unrevolutionary Revolutionary

Revolutionaries do not tend to succeed in government do they? Can you think of any? Their skill set lends itself to leading the masses against something or giving orders for obedient soldiers to follow. Or as orators they give sparkling … Continue reading

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Jackass: America’s First Populist President

Days before running for President, Andrew Jackson declared, ‘I am not fit to be president.’ Despite being both rich and powerful Andrew Jackson declared, ‘The rich and powerful often bend government to their own selfish purposes.’ And when asked if … Continue reading

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Miracle On Ice

‘Eleven seconds, you’ve got ten seconds. Morrow, up to Silk. Five seconds left in the game. Do you believe in miracles?!? YES!!!’   Lauded by Sports Illustrated as the Top Sporting Moment of the 20th Century’ the Miracle on Ice … Continue reading

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Students Vs Residents, Town vs Gown – The Battle of 1355

The noise is the worst part. Doesn’t matter which side you are on. As a normal person who only wants to live in peace you hear the repetitive beat of loud music then the herds of loud groups announcing their … Continue reading

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The Potato

We all love a good ‘What If’ in history don’t we? Is it true that a British sniper let Corporal Hitler off the hook during World War One? Didn’t Europe almost fall to Islam in the eighth century? Was Kyoto … Continue reading

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The Framing of Guy Fawkes

It all seems a little too perfect doesn’t it? Just at the moment that a conspiring catholic is lighting a match to destroy the Houses of Parliament, a guard walks in. The same guard who missed 36 barrels of gunpowder … Continue reading

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